Cheese please

One of the first things that I knew would be a challenge to eliminate was cheese. Not because I can’t live without it, but it’s one of those food items that is an automatic go-to for a quick topping. When the refrigerator is nearly empty, I always seem to have a bag of cheese lurking in the back. In fact, when I was starting down this new path I thought, “oh I’ll start when that bag of cheddar cheese is gone”.

So what to replace it with?!

Luckily for vegans, animal-free cheeses have come a long way.

I started with what seems to be the leader in animal free cheeses – Daiya. While I’ve seen Daiya cheeses over and over at Whole Foods, I have never tried them. I was blown away by the all the different options available; shredded, slices, blocks, and spreads! I cannot wait to get cooking with some of these.

So what are their cheeses made of? Here is a snapshot from their Mozzarella style shred. No hormones, no antibiotics, nothing artificial.

While I started researching Daiya simply because I knew of the name, I was thoroughly impressed after reading through their website. They’re a leader in the plant-based food community; even being the founding board member of the new Plant Based Food Association, a new trade association representing the Nation’s leading plant-based food companies. The founders started the company 20 years ago driven by the passion and belief that “plant-based living was better for their health, better for the planet and better for animal welfare.”

Looking forward to trying these and conducting some very scientific taste tests on them!

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