5 Reasons to drink celery juice

Celery juice can solve many chronic and mystery illnesses; which is why people see results drinking 16 oz of celery juice on an empty stomach. Are you convinced? I wasn’t. That is why I am on a 30 day challenge to consume 16 oz of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach.

I am 4 days in and I have to say, it helps tide you over in the morning. I typically wake up at 6 am and try not to eat anything until 8 am. Sometimes I make it and sometimes I cave. By incorporating celery juice around 7 am, I am able to last until 8 am.

While it’s too early to report on any results, I will be back soon to share. For now, here are 5 reasons to take the challenge with me!

  1. Calming inflammation – celery has double digit anti-inflammatory compounds that offer protection against inflammation. Two of these include; polyacetylene and luteolin. Luteolin, a natural flavonoid, is linked to curing “Brain Fog”, inflammation and obesity
  2. Balancing your body’s PH- celery has alkalizing health benefits and scores a -5.2 on the PRAL (Potential Renal Acid Load) scale meaning it is a higher alkaline food. By eating high alkaline foods, you’re helping to prevent your blood from becoming too acidic. If your body is more on the acidic side, you may suffer from symptoms including; acne, brain fog, muscle weakness, bloating, and low energy. The goal is for your body to be balanced and neutral!
  3. Heals the gut- the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients offer a soothing effect on the digestive tract, (almost like a laxative)
  4. Good for your bones – celery is high in calcium and silicon which assist in making your bones stronger!
  5. Cleanses the blood stream- celery contains a compound called coumarins that reduces blood pressures and purifies the blood

Be back soon to report results!


Makeup Brushes

One thing after going vegan was figuring out how many materials that I used in my everyday life which contained animal products.

Did you know that many makeup brushes are made with real animal hair?

Some of the animals that contribute to the beauty industry;

  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Badgers
  • Minks
  • Squirrels (what?!)

The good news is that many companies are transitioning away from using animal hair in brushes. E.L.F Cosmetics and MAC to name a couple have already made the transition.

One company that I was particularly impressed with is 100% Pure. The company’s mission is “to live with compassion, kindness and empathy; to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the lives of 6 billion people and animals while also being charitable and giving back to our global community.” Not only are they using synthetic fibers for their makeup brushes, but they also create fruit dyes makeup- more on this later!

Reasons to use synthetic fibers over animal hair:

  • Easier to clean
  • Allergy free
  • Last longer
  • Cruelty free!

Cheese please

One of the first things that I knew would be a challenge to eliminate was cheese. Not because I can’t live without it, but it’s one of those food items that is an automatic go-to for a quick topping. When the refrigerator is nearly empty, I always seem to have a bag of cheese lurking in the back. In fact, when I was starting down this new path I thought, “oh I’ll start when that bag of cheddar cheese is gone”.

So what to replace it with?!

Luckily for vegans, animal-free cheeses have come a long way.

I started with what seems to be the leader in animal free cheeses – Daiya. While I’ve seen Daiya cheeses over and over at Whole Foods, I have never tried them. I was blown away by the all the different options available; shredded, slices, blocks, and spreads! I cannot wait to get cooking with some of these.

So what are their cheeses made of? Here is a snapshot from their Mozzarella style shred. No hormones, no antibiotics, nothing artificial.

While I started researching Daiya simply because I knew of the name, I was thoroughly impressed after reading through their website. They’re a leader in the plant-based food community; even being the founding board member of the new Plant Based Food Association, a new trade association representing the Nation’s leading plant-based food companies. The founders started the company 20 years ago driven by the passion and belief that “plant-based living was better for their health, better for the planet and better for animal welfare.”

Looking forward to trying these and conducting some very scientific taste tests on them!

The Skinny

What does a Vegan eat? 

Vegans Eat:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Bean & Legumes
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Grains (whole grains preferable)

Note: B12 commonly found in animal products needs to be supplemented into a vegan’s diet in another way. Some people find supplements work best or adding a nutritional yeast to their meals. Being B12 deficient can cause some serious problems as well as fatigue! Who wants that?

Vegans Do NOT Eat:


  • Meat
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Any processed foods containing dairy products or animal products

Good Girl Gone Vegan

Contrary to the title, this does not imply that I am no longer a good girl. It is a gracious nod to what vegans are doing and that is breaking out of “normal” and adhering to something else entirely.

This blog will chronicle my undertaking of a Vegan lifestyle. Currently, I have my toe in the water and am eating as a pescatarian, but I am ready to jump all the way in! To start, I embarrassingly had to google, “What is vegan?” The next few posts chronicle my journey into finding out what I need to do to ditch the fish and swim in a sea of green.

According to The Vegan RD, the hardest thing about sticking to a vegan diet is the motive behind it. They say, “We can (and should) tell people that a vegan diet is a good choice for healthful eating; we just can’t tell them that it’s the only choice. Plant-based diets that include small amounts of animal foods are likely to be as good. But the ethics of veganism? Once you embrace them, there is no alternative way of living and eating. This seems to be especially true for those who embrace an animal rights ethic (3). If you agree that animals are not here for us to use under any circumstances, veganism is really your only option.”

For me too, it’s ethics. In no way do I want to preach. Going vegan is a discovery and everyone has the right to do things how they want to do them! You do you.

Why be Vegan? 

Here are some of the major game changers that I discovered…

  1. ANIMALS – 55 million animals are killed per day, go vegan and spare 198 animal lives in ONE year
  2. ENVIRONMENT – lower your carbon footprint
  3. HEALTH & ENERGY – the fruits + vegetables one eats supply you with complex carbs = clean fuel to run on
  4. RESOURCES – 30% of Earth’s land mass and 60% of all Earth’s water is dedicated to raising animals
  5. BEAUTYalledgely better skin, hair and nails, (we’ll put this to the test!)
  6. TOXIC CHEMICALS – fish contains heavy metals and carcinogens while meat & dairy is fortified with steroids