Tulum: Plant-based Paradise

We recently returned from Tulum; where we got married! It was our second time visiting the beautifully romantic Mexican beach town and the once again, the food is amazing. I am continually impressed at the selection of vegan and vegetarian options available there. Here is a quick rundown of my favorite selections, which is just the tip of the iceberg!

  • Mamasan– for only $5, you can enjoy deliciously prepared bruschetta. Shown in photo. I ordered two days in a row- that good. Make sure to grab a juice and smoothie. I also have had their vegan macaroni which is SO GOOD.

Located on the Tulum beach strip. They have a fantastic rooftop where you can enjoy views of the jungle.

Straight from the menu; Red pesto made from heirloom tomatoes, Genovese basil, peanuts and fine herbs on Multigrain German bread with macadamia vegan “cheese”, Mayan style pumpkin seed tabouleh, avocado and a dew of Lebanese extra virgin olive oil.”  

  • Burrito Amor– for under $4, you can get a vegan burrito. I like to order in a bowl and they bring a coconut tortilla on the side. The mojitos here are the best I’ve ever had. You will not regret this choice!

Located in the Tulum City Center right off the main road.

Straight from the menu; “Vegan nopal (cactus) & chaya (mayan spinach) grilled w whole black beans, amor rice, pico de gallo & avocado. epazote dressing.”  

  •   Ziggy’s– while it isn’t an exclusively vegan or vegetarian restaurant, I do enjoy the options here! The quinoa salad is utterly delicious and satisfying.

Located on the Tulum beach strip. They are right on the beach and the ambiance is very relaxing.

Straight from the menu; Mix of quinoa, beet, sunflower seed, green raisins, Jamaica flower reduction, macerated grapefruit and coconut cream.”

  • Raw Love Cafe– the best. I particularly love their breakfast bowls. We also love the beach club where this is located at so I always order and then stick around to play in the water and lounge. Additionally, you can order from the actual Beach Club that they are located. I always get the grilled veggies and french fries from there!

Located on the Tulum beach strip. They are at the Ahau Beach Club right on the beach.

Order it all!

Whenever in doubt in Tulum, trust that there is avocado toast everywhere

What are y’all’s favorite Tulum spots?